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Do you speak my language?

Unsure about how to learn a new language? Let Lingo Jingo be your guide!

Lingo Jingo is Changing the Game for Educators

At Lingo Jingo we believe that learning a language should be fun, flexible, and rewarding – not just for language learners but for language educators as well. So, whether you are a teacher or a student, we are focused on your needs.

Why Lingo Jingo for Teachers?

  • Lingo Jingo is an online language-teaching platform that is proven to effectively reinforce what you cover in the classroom – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • Lingo Jingo allows you to create lessons in your own teaching style and liberates you from having to rely so heavily on a pre-defined, third party curriculum
  • Lingo Jingo eliminates the need for standard testing by providing analytics dashboards giving you insight at a glance into how your students are performing and retaining information

Lingo Jingo was founded with one goal in mind – to make it easier for the world to communicate with one another in different languages. Simply put – we bring the world to you!

Watch the Scituate School District Interview

Lingo Jingo is a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish (and other languages) online and it's a great resource for building vocabulary. I like that it uses a lot of repetition and visuals to help students remember words and phrases.

Lucia Castineira, Amigos School, Cambridge

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