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Unsure about how to learn a new language? Let Lingo Jingo be your guide!

What is Lingo Jingo?

The Lingo Jingo teaching platform is an online teaching system designed for language educators. The platform provides a simple content management system that is fully customizable to individual educators' instructional objectives.

Recognized by the Institute of Education Sciences and the Department of Education as a 'classroom ready' technology, we have won several small business grants to help bring our platform to every school in the United States.

Lingo Jingo is dedicated to empowering educators and inspiring students in the area of language acquisition.

How does it work?

Lessons, coursework, and activities are easily created via our online content management system. These activities can support any curricula being used in the classroom whether teacher-centric or textbook/publisher-centric.

Content created on Lingo Jingo allows educators to employ images, text, video and/or sound to assist in developing student understanding of, and fluidity with, foreign language content. Lessons are also designed to engage students by requiring them to examine content that is presented to them and to provide answers that correspond to a given context.

The platform also provides educators with performance dashboards that display analytics gathered as a student engages with lesson materials. These analytics include information about: a) inputs, such as which learning activities a student accessed, how much time was spent on an activity, and how many times an activity was repeated; and b) outcomes including students' success with a lesson; key words, phrases, or concepts that were mastered; and words, phrases, and concepts for which understanding is underdeveloped.

How can I get Lingo Jingo in my classroom/school?

We want to work with you! Simply reach out to us and we will help to assess your requirements as well as get you and your students up and running immediately.

How many languages are represented?

We currently offer over 10 languages including: English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Courses include lessons that range from introductory vocabulary (such as numbers, colors and alphabet), to intermediate and advanced vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Our English and Spanish content supports the WIDA development standards.

Lingo Jingo allows educators to assign lessons to students and enables those students to access those lessons online anytime and from anywhere. As students progress through a lesson, they are provided with immediate feedback on their learning. Based on that feedback, students are able to repeat aspects of their lessons or move on to additional learning activities.

Where is Lingo Jingo in use?

Lingo Jingo is currently deployed in public schools (K-12) as well as private language schools in the United States.

Anything else?

Started in 2011, Lingo Jingo was founded by Christian Hasker, technologist and former head of English and World Languages for The Regents School, and Douglas Chrystall, technologist and entrepreneur. Both have a passion for language education and are driven to support educators in helping bring their students to fluency, no matter the language.

For immediate contact, please communicate directly with Andy Grant, VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement, at

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