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Unsure about how to learn a new language? Let Lingo Jingo be your guide!

Why Lingo Jingo for Your School?

Lingo Jingo’s online language teaching platform is proven to reinforce the Common Core standards taught in the classroom more effectively and at a fraction of the cost of alternative resources.


  • Common Core support: we offer a library of existing coursework that follows and greatly reinforces the standards that are being taught in your classrooms today with a focus on engaging with ELL’s and long-term English learners (LTEL’s)
  • Proven Approach: Lingo Jingo’s “Just In-Time English Language Learning” or JITELL approach is a research-supported method that provides activities for students in their native language and then in English for maximum engagement and retention
  • Turnkey platform: your teachers can be effective with Lingo Jingo immediately. Our content library has Common Core focused coursework available for delivery to students today

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Lingo Jingo has transformed our language program.

Kate Ciulla, world languages department chair

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