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Unsure about how to learn a new language? Let Lingo Jingo be your guide!

Lingo Jingo is Changing the Game for Language Educators

At Lingo Jingo we are dedicated to enabling English (ELL and ESL) and world language educators success with their instructional objectives.

Why Lingo Jingo for ESL and ELL Teachers?

  • Lingo Jingo is an online language-teaching platform designed to support the Common Core standards for English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and more
  • Our proven approach of “Just In-Time English Language Learning” or JITELL is a research-supported method that engages students in their native language and then in English for maximum engagement and retention of academic content and English language acquisition
  • Lingo Jingo’s content library includes coursework that allows for differentiated instruction for students of all language skill levels and is an excellent resource for scaffolding with in-class instructional materials

Lingo Jingo is determined to help language educators to improve student outcomes while helping reduce educator workloads. Our goal is to empower teachers and inspire students in the area of language acquisition.

Watch the Scituate School District Interview

Lingo Jingo is a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish (and other languages) online and it's a great resource for building vocabulary. I like that it uses a lot of repetition and visuals to help students remember words and phrases.

Lucia Castineira, Amigos School, Cambridge

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